ECO BIKE TOUR NIŠ – Meet the city of Niš

Eco Bike is a sightseeing agency in Niš, Serbia. Anyone visiting the south of the country cannot afford to miss this unique opportunity to experience the culture and nature of this beautiful area in an eco-friendly way. Bike tours Niš are organized by a group of young and educated tourism professionals eager to show their hometown in the best possible light to all tourists.
These guided bike tours are the best way to see what Niš has to offer while riding a comfy bike and taking care of the environment. So, gather your group of friends, or come alone, and let’s hop on the bikes together!
We have all the necessary gear: bikes, helmets, and knowledgeable guides who are eager to take you on a fun sightseeing tour packed with cool historical info and the best stories about the city of Niš.

Everyone who visits Niš once inevitably desires to come back to this ancient city. So many things lure travelers back: whether it’s the warmth and hospitality of the locals, the delicious gastronomic specialties, nightlife, casual lifestyle, or the wonderful surrounding nature and famous historical landmarks.
Whatever it may be, we know that tourists always enjoy their stay in our beloved city.
To start, it’s great to visit some of the numerous churches, monuments, and ancient landmarks. There’s the Ottoman era Fortress on the banks of river Nišava, and the archeological site Mediana which dates back to the period of ancient Romans and emperor Constantine the Great. Other must-see places in Niš are The 12th February concentration camp from WWII, Bubanj Memorial Park, and Skull Tower.

Ecology and sustainable development are two concepts very dear to our hearts. So, we wanted to combine them with our passion for tourism, culture, and love for our city.
We believe that our purpose here on Earth is to preserve nature, not to harm it, but to live in accordance with it. That is why we choose bikes as our principal means of transportation for work and private life.
The only footprint we leave will be the muddy one when we get off our bikes to cross a dirt road after the rain. Moreover, riding bikes is a healthy outdoor activity for persons of all ages and in all physical conditions.
Eco Bike Niš has a mission of providing a memorable experience to all tourists and anyone who wants to learn more about the ancient Naissus, and we have finally established an eco-friendly and original way to do this.
We were the first to come up with this idea in this area, and hopefully, there are like-minded and curious people out there who want to join us in this journey of knowledge and love.

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