ECO BIKE TOUR NIŠ – Meet the city of Niš

We are a group of young and educated enthusiasts, driven by the love of nature, sport, culture, history and tourism. Niš is our hometown and we believe that it has a lot to offer. However, this great tourism potential has not been used to its maximum and this is something that we want to change. Another thing that we believe in is ecology. This is why we have decided to open this agency. Our goal is to offer to all tourists something brand new in this region – sightseeing on a bike! Accompanied by our charming guides, equipped with comfortable bicycles and all the necessary accessories, our friends and customers can get ready for one unforgettable experience! We are happy to call all the eager people to join us now – let’s cycle together around this beautiful city and meet all its wonderful places.

We have gathered with one mission in mind –to promote the city of Niš (ancient Naissus) as a very interesting travelling destination. The people here are known for – warmth and friendliness! Tourists from all around the world always gladly come back saying that they enjoy our hospitality, relaxed way of living and delicious gastronomic specialities. Serbia abounds in things to offer. Serbian history is quite turbulent and we are proud of it. Numerous churches and monuments are the witnesses of the rich and eventful history of Niš. The Fortress – most significant for the Ottoman period. The archeological site Mediana – dates back to the period of ancient Romans and emperor Constantine the Great (one of the most important figures for Christianity). The 12th February (Crveni Krst) concentration camp from the WWII, Bubanj Memorial Park, Skull Tower and many other landmarks are just a part of what our visitors can see and learn!

One of our goals is also to draw attention to the importance of ecological sustainability and sustainable development. These expressions might seem complicated and difficult to understand, but what they basically represent is the fact that our environment has a lot more to offer than we are aware of and that we should take good care of it and live in accordance with it. Precisely this is the reason why we always choose bicycles as our means of transportation. We love our planet Earth and we want to preserve it! We are also nature lovers and we enjoy riding bikes, and near our city there are many paths that we can take! Finally, we hope that the people will recognize the great potential that this innovative idea of ours has. To ride bikes is healthy and good both for our bodies and our surroundings! So, we have decided to make a combination of all these good things! Let’s meet, ride and learn together!

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